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"L O V E  is all we need." -MJB

Philadelphia Annual Production & Movement.

June 29th, 2010 marked a historic day in Philadelphia arts. It was the day in which a sold-out room of patrons, from New York to D.C., gathered at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia to experience the beginning of what is now referred to as a “Love Revolution.”

The mixed-artists production, Love, Us, featured over 10 performance artists  (live art, poetry, singing, & more) from Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC who gathered together under the direction of National Poet & Teaching Artist, Ms. Wise. The theme of the show was beautiful, yet simple: Spread Love, End Hate.

Inspired by recent tragic events in the media, at the time (much dealing with youth suicide), the death of Michael Jackson (who, indeed, was a  Love Revolutionist), and the tremendous rise in gay & religious bashing, Ms. Wise decided that she needed to take the initiative in creating something that would deter all people from their allure with hate. After giving it much thought and talking with peers and family, the idea came to her to put on a large event unlike any event Philly has yet to see. She called it, “Love, Us.”

With the collaborations of S. Frosty Networx (SFX) (event production, marketing & promotion company) and various supporters, including The Rotunda, the production was eventually referred to by many as the best arts event of the summer in Philadelphia. Without a doubt, after that night, "Love, Us" had to become an annual production.

The impact of "Love, Us" was so large (and the world is in such a state of separation & turmoil) that it is no questioning why Ms. Wise decided to make this more than an annual production. It is now an entire movement, pushing to become worldwide.

The second and third LU productions also took place on the last Wednesday of June, in 2011 & 2012 . This will be the same for each year; and each year, the crowd is expected to increase.

The line-up for the 2nd production included Queen GodIs, Seff Al-Afriqi, Just Greg & many more. There was even a segment of a one-woman play, entitled "Girls! Girls? Girls." (NYC) included in the acts. Fourth Wall Arts and The Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia was two of many sponsors.

Our 3rd production was headlined by none other than International, HBO Def Poet, Sunni Patterson. Continuing a tradition of allowing a previous feature open the event, Just Greg started the night with the "opening letter." The performers in between did nothing more or less than continue the LU tradition. The energy was higher. The audience had more joy. The room was nothing but LOVE.

Some people asked that there be two LU productions in one year. Careful not to “overdo” anything, Ms. Wise went ahead and created a second production, but with a twist. Together, with SP Photography, S. Frosty Networx (SFX) Authentic Collective & RhymeStreet Magazine, Philadelphia experienced “HEARTbeats” for the first time in December of 2011: a "Love, Us" – styled production with an edgier, hip hop twist. The focus of this event was more towards unity, bridging together the arts and elevation in hip hop.

The LU team now consist of S. Frosty Networx (SFX), SP Photography, Amun Miraaj and is directed by Ms. Wise. The team is looking to expand, recently getting into the areas of workshops & mentoring. "Love Us" is dedicated to putting on distinct arts events that spread the message of Universal & Self- Love. Currently, the LU movement is making its mark throughout Philadelphia. The long-term goal is to impact the world.




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"A coward is incapable of exhibiting love. It is the prerogative of the brave  " -Gandhi 




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